Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crazy Busy, Busy Crazy!

OKAY, I went eleven days without updating this blog!
That's AWFUL!  But it's been an interesting eleven days . . .

   I got a chapter and a half written on my new book over Spring Break, as well as completing and sending in the back cover blurb, glossary,  and cover art ideas for my upcoming historical epic, THE REDEMPTION OF PONTIUS PILATE (Due out May 19!!!)  The weekend before going back to school, I decided a little recreation was in order - so I journeyed back into the hallowed land of Tamriel to play some hours on my favorite video game of all time, THE ELDER SCROLLS V:   SKYRIM. 
   School started back up on Monday, but it wasn't just any school week - it was Enrichment Week, in which we give the high school kids a week off from their regular classes and let them choose a week long seminar course from about a dozen or so different offerings - everything from Basics of Aviation to Gourmet Cake Baking.
  I had six students that wound up in my Archeology 101 class.  We spent one day in the classroom, learning all the terminology and issues surrounding prehistoric archeology in America, then spent the afternoon watching some dig videos and practicing identifying various stone tool forms using Texas Field Guides.
  The ground was far too wet to dig, thanks to recent rains, so we spent Tuesday out searching the Sulphur River gravel bars for artifacts and fossils - we found more fossils than artifacts, which is very typical.  Wednesday was pouring rain, so we went to the new Perot museum in Dallas and looked over their very impressive exhibit halls (no archeology stuff, though!).  Thursday we went out and searched gravel bars again with little result, and on Friday it was pouring rain again - and the kids had a half day anyway - so we watched RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK to cap off the week!  Fun was had, stuff was found, and things were learned.  I call that a success.
   Friday afternoon my wife and I set out for Springdale, AR, for the annual Ozark Country Indian Artifact Show there.  We had a great time, and I sold 13 copies of THE TESTIMONIUM as well as seeing some amazing Indian relics!  The reception for exhibitors at the Museum of Native American History in Bentonville is really fun.  But best of all, I got to spend a weekend away from home with my sweetheart of some thirty plus years now!
   So this update isn't particularly literary, but I do invite you to tune in next Sunday night for a VERY special update - an original short story by yours truly that is also a teaser for my next novel.  See you then!

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