Thursday, December 15, 2016


     To borrow a phrase from our soon-to-be former President: "Let me be perfectly clear."

     I am not now and never have been a Donald Trump fan.  The man disgusts me; he is the most morally loathsome candidate ever put forward by the GOP.  Braggart, bully, unrepentant serial adulterer, pathological liar - all these terms which have been thrown down during and since the campaign accurately describe the GOP nominee.  And yet this utterly unqualified man won the White House with the aid of millions of passionate, evangelical Christian voters - people who would never once participate in the behaviors that their chosen candidate has enthusiastically indulged in for his entire life.  How could people who are so devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ vote for a man whose life has been lived in direct contradiction to those principles?  How could pastors like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffers and so many others publicly endorse a man whose life is a mockery of the moral principles their faith is based on?

    I was shocked and appalled as one evangelical leader after another came out for Trump.  I was disgusted when men who had publicly called Trump out for the charlatan that he is then came crawling to him hoping for cabinet positions once he had secured the election.  I was one of those voices in the wilderness who did his level best to stop the GOP from running off  the moral cliff by supporting this man - and I must admit that I was proud when both living Republican Presidents and the last two GOP nominees refused to endorse him.

   So why did they do it?  Why did so many Christian conservatives embrace a man who only discovered his conservatism last year, whose positions on conservative issues seemed to change almost daily during the campaign, whose rhetoric bristled with personal insults, thinly veiled racism, blatant lies, and whose comments about women would have been the kiss of death for any other GOP politician?  After a month of consideration and soul-searching, the conclusion I have come to is a very simple one:

   You created Donald Trump, my liberal friends.  All my feminist, gay rights-championing, pro-choice (which, let's be ABSOLUTELY HONEST, ultimately means  pro-abortion), Christian bashing, Black Lives Matter-loving lefties - you drove millions of conservatives into such a tight corner of fear and paranoia that they turned to a monstrous bully in panicked self defense.
   Consider what has happened to us conservatives in the last eight years:

    Any of us who gave anything less than full-throated, fist pumping enthusiasm to homosexuality, transvestitism, and various other sexual deviancies were publicly shamed, sued, and openly compared to the racist thugs who lynched black men in the darkest days of the Jim Crow South.  When we expressed concern that overly broad "bathroom bills" might let pedophiles take advantage of our children (I don't think many of us were that worried about real transgender folks peeing where they felt most comfortable), we were slandered and vilified.

  If we dared to question or disagree with the redefinition of the world's oldest and most successful social institution, marriage - even thought it was only achieved by a 5-4 split in the nation's Supreme Court against the eloquent objections of the Chief Justice of the United States - then we were branded as hatemongers and bigots and lumped in with the likes of Osama bin Laden.

   When the attorneys representing the United States Government threatened to revoke the tax exempt status of churches that did not recognize gay marriage, or of Catholic hospitals that refused to provide abortion services, you backed America's Christians into a corner.

   When the candidate you chose to back for President refused to recognize that there should be any restrictions at all on abortion, not even in the ninth month of pregnancy, millions of Americans who believe that unborn babies have a right to life were driven straight into the arms of Donald Trump.

   When a Planned Parenthood executive was caught on tape going over a price sheet for the body parts of aborted human babies, your response was not horror or even soul-searching, but a flaming denial that what our eyes and ears told us was real, followed by a prosecution of the undercover journalists who filmed the interview - and the stampede grew.

   When you shamelessly pandered to the "Black Lives Matter" crowd and condemned good cops as racist assassins, but refused to acknowledge the epidemic of criminality in America's black ghettos which makes policemen afraid for their lives every day, you drove millions of Americans who still respect law and order straight into voting booth to pull the lever for Trump.

   When you refused to express any concern about the flood of illegal immigrants who are taxing our fragile social welfare network to the breaking point, and who sometimes do come here to sell drugs, commit crimes, and wreak mayhem among us (even while nearly all of us recognize that those bad actors are a tiny minority of the undocumented community), and then mocked those of us who were concerned as Klansmen, nativists, and "Know-Nothings," you put our backs up against Trump's imaginary wall.

  You demonized us, ridiculed us, belittled our faith, our morals, our values, and you drove far too many of my fellow conservatives into a panicked stampede that ended in an orange-tinted electoral apocalypse.  Some of us stood firm - I valued conservatism and traditional values far too much to cast my ballot for a man whose life was a mockery of both - but you scared enough traditionalist Americans into believing that their whole way of life was under assault that they elected a man who promised to defend their values and faith, even if he didn't share them.

    So as inauguration day approaches, and you prepare your protest signs and your mourning robes and all the other paraphernalia of civil disobedience, grief, and dismay, remember this - when you marginalized half of the people in this country, you empowered Donald Trump.  The best explanation for his Presidency can be found by looking in the mirror.

   I hope you're proud of yourselves.  Your arrogant self-righteousness may well have destroyed this great nation.


  1. I hope RUSH picks up the blog.

    You are mostly correct. I do believe the Republicans failing to listen/work with the TEA PARTY was a major factor.

    I do agree with your point of view because it's been the stuff I've been pointing out for over a year. Anyway, I don't think Trump is going to destroy America. But I do hope Trump destroys the career politician with Term Limits. I know he said he wants to push Term Limits on his first 100 days. I like to see this happen because that's like force feeding Dracula garlic.

  2. We have term limits - they are called ELECTIONS. I am not a huge fan of government by amateurs, we saw what that was like in the White House for the last 8 years! LOL

  3. Yeah that would work if the districts were not designed to keep the same idiots in power. My state Illinois is controlled by Michael Madigan. And 99.9% of the problems that are cased in my state is because of Michael Madigan. He's been in office since 1971! I don't believe our founding fathers would had dreamed that a person is in office that's one year younger then me! 45 freaking years! And he's pushing his daughter to take over.

  4. Amateur... that's funny. The founding fathers don't want Kings to rule the country and designed a system so Amateurs could run for government, and fix whatever they want and then go home and let somebody else run for government. In a sense the government is a revolving door. This is why the whole America is guilty of Slavery is BS (because the system was designed so slavery and other such issues would be changed)

    Obama is not an amateur, everything he done was on purpose, and he as well as Hillary are fighting against Trump because Obama put his 8 years on the ballot and the people spoke and said "Go to Hell!"

    Oh what Killed Hillary was not this Russian Hack that Obama and Hillary are spewing. What Killed Hillary was that she had a freaking secret server and she deleted 30,000 documents and told the American people that it was about her daughters wedding and yoga classes... Hillary doing yoga.... YOGA!!!!!!

    Who is she BSing...

  5. Hillary Clinton was a horribly flawed candidate on many, many levels, not just the Email scandal. I was never that intimidated by her as a potential GOP opponent.
    Your comments on slavery are frankly inaccurate, but that's a whole different issue. I will take exception to the "Obama is not an amateur" comment - he was a political novice with only two years in the Senate in which he was chiefly noticeable by his frequent absences. He may have had intent on a number of issues - downplaying the fundamental conflict between Islam and the Western political tradition, reducing our footprint in the world, etc. - but his actions, especially on foreign policy, show what a novice he really was.
    I am appalled by how willing people are to blow off this Russian cyber attack on our election just because it was directed against a candidate they loathed. Would you be so nonchalant if the Chinese had hacked Donald Trump's personal Email account and released a torrent of damaging information? The fact is, a foreign power covertly tried to influence America's electoral process. That is a hostile act no matter which candidate it was directed at.
    Last of all - look at our founding fathers. Most of them stayed in one office or another for YEARS. James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, was the first Speaker of the House, chosen in 1789. He remained continually in some political office until he left the Presidency in 1817. The men who wrote the Constitution had years upon years of political experience. They created a system where talented individuals could remain in office as long as the people wanted them to be there for a reason.

  6. And I believed I said, if the DNC didn't screw over Sanders... he would had won. (Especially when the Media was on his side) I do believe Obama did everything in his power to put Sanders in office but he didn't realized how connected Hillary was. If there was an Amateur mistake on Obama's end it was assuming that Hillary wouldn't have the DNC fixed.

    Slavery - I do agree different topic but what I'm saying is that the Constitution was designed so these things would be removed from law. Sure it took time but that's because the system was designed so the American people can fix it - when necessary.

    Obama is no amateur. He's been working with Bill Ayers for a looooooooooong time before he held any office. Also, the man was president for almost 8 years. If your a rookie in the NFL - would you still be consider a rookie after being in the NFL for 8 years?

    I'm a little worried that you seemed to believe the Russians had anything to do with this. Rumor has it that Kim Dotcom (yes his last name is Dotcom) is the man behind the hacking. Because at one time Kim Dotcom was worth over 100 million dollars (Cue in Doctor Evil holding a finger by his lip) and he blamed Obama and Hillary for loosing 99 million dollars! That's a lot of money. I do believe somebody like Kim Dotcom over the Russians... especially it was Hillary that gave the Russians uranium mining rights in America. Russia has more to loose if Trump is President.

    As for the Chinese... Lets be serious, has anybody question where the recording of Trump talking 'locker room talk' - no... because at the time it was not where the content came from it was the content.

    Lets focus on the content...

    As for foreign powers influence political elections. Obama State Dept: $350K For Campaign Infrastructure Used Against Netanyahu In Israel Election.

    As for the founding fathers sitting on the nest for a long time... Man is human, human nature is power. Good or evil it's still the same story. This is why term limits is necessary.

  7. When the FBI and the CIA BOTH agree that the Russians were behind the hack, the Russians were probably behind the hack. Those two rarely agree.

  8. The FBI don't agree with the CIA. And we are talking about the same CIA that said "2012 Benghazi attack was instigated from a YouTube video."

    And the IRS did not target TEA PARTY members.

    The most dangerous thing happening right now... Obama is waging war with the Russians because he don't want to admit that he put his 8 years on Hillary's ballot and the American people said 'F-U!'

  9. Even WikiLeaks said they didn't get those Emails from the Russians.

  10. First of all, Wikileaks lies all the time to protect sources. They might not even know who sends them a particular file - using cutouts and middle men is standard ops for intelligence agencies.
    Second, the CIA did NOT blame the Benghazi attacks on the video, although they did correctly point out that an earlier riot in Cairo was definitely linked to it - that lie definitely originated with Obama!
    The CIA is largely non-partisan. They're not going to shill for this President who has ignored them so often over the last 8 years. I don't think the Russian hack really effected the outcome that much, but the fact that Russia was so eager for Trump to win is alarming - or it would be, if you weren't still drunk on Trump brand Kool-Aid!!!! LOL

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  12. If you believe the CIA, FBI and the IRS are non-partisan... you’re the one that needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.
    If CIA was playing non-partisan; Hillary would be in trouble before Obama send his email to Hillary's secret server. Please note that she was the Secretary of State therefore communications should not be in public, also her running a secret server should be a RED FLAG – especially for the CENTURAL INTELLAGENCE AGENCY. Also for her to obtain top secret files (which she did have top secret files found) she need to pull the top secret information from a flash drive and had it inserted to a computer that was allowed to communicate through the internet.
    If the FBI was playing non-partisan; Hillary would be in Jail in the summer. It’s the law if you miss handle Top Secret documents. Minimum is 8 years! We’ve been watching James Bond for almost 50 freaking years! I think America gets the importance of Top Secret documents.
    If the IRS was playing non-partisan - the targeting of the TEA PARTY would never happen. This was stuff that Nixon was talking about that got him in trouble…

    Here is the troubling thing… Obama is Lame Duck President is waging conflict with Russia. Out of all the BS that Russia did do during his 8 years in office, this hacking stuff (which we have no real evidence) is the straw that makes Obama go Nuclear.


  13. Do you want to know why Obama and Hillary are saying the Russians hacked the election?

    They want to say that everything you had posted on this blog was not true!