Sunday, March 20, 2016

All Good Things . . .

Isn't that how the old saying  goes?
A year ago I had no idea I would ever get to visit Israel. It was one of those things on my bucket list that I figured I'd never get to do.  Then I went to the local rotary club and spoke about my books,  and Randy Daw heard it, and next thing you know, i'm waking up in a convent guest house in Jerusalem and realizing my odyssey is nearly over.  

I got up around 5 and emailed back and forth with my wife and best friend back home for awhile. Then I ate breakfast and packed out my room, and at 9:30 we all loaded up to go and visit the Israel Museum. This place was simply amazing - and, yes, I've overused that word a bit this trip, haven't i?

From the sarcophagus of Herod the Great to the "Pilate inscription " to the oldest inscription reference to David ever found, to the Dead Sea scrolls, to a fantastic scale model of First Century Jerusalem over fifty feet wide, it was almost too much to process.

  After that we came back to the convent and we were given the afternoon to roam the streets of Jerusalem. I took off with my friend Andrea, and we we walked thru the bazaars and shops, stopped at an Armenian pizzeria for a late lunch, and then slowly walked back to the convent yo wait for the ride to the airport. We boarded around midnight and, after a twelve hour flight, landed here in NYC this morning.   Now I am waiting for the flight that will take me to Austin and then the long drive home, to see my wife and daughters again, and sleep in my own bed. It'S been a remarkable, faith-affirming, life -changing journey, but it's nearly done now. Thanks for coming along, and keep on reading!

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