Thursday, March 10, 2016

First Day in Israel!

Boy, that trans-Atlantic flight was LONG!!  I haven't flown across an ocean in 30 years, so it felt even longer!  About half our passengers were Hasidic Jews - there must have been at least fifty of them. That actually worked to my advantage - I had an aisle seat and the window seat was taken by a very nice Jewish housewife named Leah. The middle seat was assigned to one of the Hasid, but he refused to sit next to a woman, so we got a vacant spot between us.  I tried to sleep on the way across, and managed some, but the plane was too hot and stuffy for any real rest.

We landed in Tel Aviv right on time, but clearing customs and getting our rental vans ate up a lot of time, and the traffic was downright awful!   By the time we got to Caesarea, the park with most of the Roman ruins was closed. We did get to go see the aqueduct, and I found a bunch of ancient pottery shards on the beach.

After that it was getting  dark, so we loaded up and headed for our hotel, the Leonardo Plaza in Tiberias. We ate a group supper and tomorrow we visit Dan and Caesarea Philippi. Going to be a great day, but right now I need some REST!!! Goodnight!

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